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Enjoy Beautiful nails at our Nail, Brow Design, and Body Wax studio.

Our full-service nail salon specializes professionally in sculpted acrylic nail enhancements, manicures, hand-painted nail art, 3-D designs and BLING to help define your presence. Whether it is silently expressed or loud with a snap, we have you covered! Our nail care services provide a method to eliminate cracks, lifting, chip, peeling, or thin nails. We help restore beauty and healthy looking nails. A’Dior also provides full service brow waxing, brow mapping, brow tinting, full body waxing, and lash lifts/tint.


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Acrylic Enhancements



Sculpted to desired shape and length acrylic nails, two accents and a luxurious hand scrub wash. This service gives you some time to be A’Dior basic, or add an umf to your everyday look! 


Posh Acrylic Nails Enhancements  

Want to feel extra special with our Posh Acrylic Nail Enhancement package? This type of set includes all, plus some beautiful art design, that we believe isn’t to much- – but just enough. We cannot forget your luxurious hand scrub wash.


On Fire Acrylic Nails Enhancements 

This girl is on fire? How about these Nails are on FIRE! This set expands our horizon! From hand painted art, abstract design and crystal work, to boujee length and 3D encapsulations. The possibilities are endless. Lets pick the best design for you! We just never know, do we?


Acrylic Rebalance 

A’Dior specialty nail prep, reshape (if desired) rebalance, gel polish, choice of two accent nail designs. Hand scrub wash at the end of service. Adior leaves you with sense of restoration in your beautiful set of nails.



Modern is in and our Nude for Days package includes your A’Dior manicure prior to your, sculpted nude cover powder acrylic enhancements. This in which are perfected to your desired shape, with a shiny gel top coat, and famous luxurious hand scrub.



A’Dior Ombre

Perfectly graduate the blend of two colors to give you the best of an A’Dior’s ombre, all which are sculpted to your desired shape for perfection. 


Acrylic Overlay 

 Recommended for my Ladies with jobs who don’t allow enhancements (long sculpted nails) or any type of polish. The acrylic overlay s very natural and flush to your cuticle, and adds support to your existing nails while still giving you a beautiful-clean sheek A’Dior look.  Read More


Gel Manicure $50

A’Dior specialty manicure, your choice of color gel polish, two accent nails and of course your shiny or mattè gel top coat. Your manicure also includes a hand massage at the end of the service, to provide the feel of refreshment and poise to go on your day  


Lash lifts and tints 

Want to feel extra special with a last lift, lash tint and/or brow tint?  We offer several packages to get you ready to wake up everyday naturally flawless. Read More

Brow Design and Body Wax  $20-$100

Feel extra special with our Brow design and/or body wax packages. Stay feeling fresh, clean and brand new! Read More

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